Funomenal Parties journey started in 2016

A young man by the name of Kader or better known by children as 'Sonic' entered the UK for the first time. Before his arrival, he worked as a skilled entertainer in the leisure and tourism industry for 8 years. He possessed a wealth of experience in entertainment boasting a vast array of talent. He was a trained dancer in almost 6 genres, a choreographer, and an illuminating host for stand-up shows.

About Us

Sonics personal journey began as he took the underground from Heathrow, with his luggage and face plastered to the window as the train ran along with the busy central London. Sonics culture shock blended with a counterintuitive sense of ease and familiarity for a country he had never stepped foot in before.

It is no surprise then that Sonic felt the immediate impact of moving overseas, from finding his feet to progressing to more general experiential and reflective affairs, such as his future goals. He was attracted to the opportunities offered by the incredibly innovative and advanced economy.

Sonic wanted to find a way of transferring his unique blend of skills and preserve his love for entertainment and saw the perfect opportunity in Children's entertainment. He began to work as a Children's DJ entertainer and in his own word 'found it to be amazing, fulfilling, and delightful. It had all the same satisfaction from being an adult entertainer but magnified.

Nobody knows everything about children entertainment the first time they become children's entertainer. But with my considerable experience, mixed with my sensory creativity and intrinsic sense of fun, I was able to fulfil my customer's expectations in a way that I can never imagine. It is a fascinating responsibility and I believe it can only be placed in the hands of true professionals.

Over the next five years, Sonics reputation for his boundless energy and originality had seen him gain huge popularity in the community, allowing his business to flourish evermore. Despite his role as a Company Director, Sonic still hosts a whopping 230 parties every year because of demands from his clients.

Today Funomenal Parties Ltd has the same vision as it had when it first started, the entertainment we provide is the catalyst to unforgettable experiences for our customers.